Driving innovation
in healthcare

We turn scientific breakthroughs into everyday consumer health solutions for today, tomorrow and the future.

As the global health landscape shifts towards illness prevention and wellness, the need for innovation within the consumer healthcare space is acute. Having a strong innovation pipeline of early warning and preventative solutions is our goal and is crucial to delivering innovative solutions to put health in your hands.

At the same time, consumers' approach to health and their expectations of healthcare solutions are changing. Empowered by technology and the wealth of information now at their fingertips, individuals are taking their health into their own hands, proactively seeking wellness and preempting potential ill-health. 

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Health innovation
Health innovation

We are committed to making a difference to the health of as many people as we can, in either small or big ways. Sometimes it’s the little innovations that make a big difference to people’s lives. We have launched a number of world first pain relieving products including most recently, the very first 24-hour medicated plaster under our Nurofen brand. At the same time, we don’t shy away from the big challenges, such as finding solutions for a growing and ageing global population.

As a consumer driven company, we are dedicated to matching our consumer insights with our scientific expertise to uncover health solutions that make a real and significant difference to people’s lives. This is what makes us a leader in consumer health.


Product innovations

We’re experts in the science of living. We combine technology, insight and creativity to ensure we produce innovative solutions that bring health solutions into the hands of our consumer.

See some of the exciting innovations we have developed recently.

Product logos

  1. Durex Air Health innovation

    Our consumers told us they wanted to feel closer to their partners. So, we created thinner condoms to enhance sensation and increase people’s experience of togetherness.

  2. Scholl Electronic Nail Care System Health innovation

    At home nail care can often be time-consuming. Which is why we gave consumers a quick and easy way to achieve smooth and healthy looking nails.

  3. Neuriva Health innovation

    April 2019 marked a major milestone in RB’s brand history, with the launch of a completely new brand called Neuriva – a scientifically proven supplement that has been shown to boost brain function. Yet it’s more of a holistic solution to brain health for consumers because it includes a digital subscription to a ‘brain gym’ via an app available on android and iPhone.

  1. We’ve spoken to experts to identify the health needs of the future. Read our insights about future health trends here.

  2. Have a look around our new, £105 million, state-of-the-art research centre in Hull.

  3. We understand that innovation in health only happens with collaboration. Do you have a great Idea? Why not get in touch and see how we can develop a win-win partnership. Email us at partnerwithus@rb.com


Dongguan, CN
Health innovation

Device development.

Salt Lake City, US
Health innovation

Nutrition, immunities and Deficiencies.

Montvale, US
Health innovation

Biocides, Microbiology, Surfactants.

Hull, GB
Health innovation

Fragrence, Skin science, Tableting, Analytical methods, Formulation, Health, Clinical and Medical science.

Heidelberg, DE
Health innovation

Enzymes, Cleach systems, Polymers, PVOH, Analytical, Dish FUEL.

Mira, IT
Health innovation

Enzymes, Surfactants, Bleach systems, Analytical, Textiles, Laundry machines, FUEL.

Gurgaon, IN
Health innovation


Bang Pakong, TH
Health innovation

Latex, Lubricants.

Evansville, US
Health innovation

Pediatric Nutrition.


Our innovation focus

We’re determined to improve people’s lifetime health and wellbeing. From having the best start in life to preserving physical and mental agility in later years – we want to turn everyday ailments into a thing of the past and challenge the status quo.

But we can’t do that alone. We currently have a call to arms in three critical areas, at every stage of life, for academics, entrepreneurs, HCPs and innovators to partner with us to make a real difference.

Email us at partnerwithus@rb.com

Health innovation
  1. Mother and Infant Nutrition

  2. Pain Alleviation

  3. Optimising later years

  1. Do you have a great idea? Why not get in touch and see how we can collaborate.

  2. Are you a start-up or a SME business? We can help you scale-up.