Innovating for a cleaner, healthier world

Turning consumer insights & scientific understanding into unique solutions for today, tomorrow and the future.

Our vision is simple. We are relentlessly pursuing a cleaner and healthier world through purpose-driven solutions. We want to eliminate dirt, germs, pests & odours that impact the health & happiness of people everywhere.

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Hygiene innovation
Hygiene innovation

We place the consumer at the heart of every decision we make. Consumer feedback alongside our scientific expertise helps us to uncover hygiene solutions that make a significant difference to people’s lives – people like you, and us.

Building hygiene foundations around the world is something we are very passionate about – we want to make a difference to the lives of all global citizens through the power of education. By accelerating hygiene foundations, we can deliver powerful and innovative solutions for all.

However, no one company can do this alone. It takes an ecosystem of the brightest minds. Therefore, partnerships are critical to our success. By collaborating with our partners, we can fast-track the delivery of our vision and empower our purpose-driven organisation.


Product innovations

We’re experts in developing innovative solutions in service of creating a cleaner world. We combine technology, insights and creativity to discover innovative solutions that make a real impact to consumers’ lives.

These are some of the exciting innovations we have pioneered recently.

Product logos

  1. Air Wick Essential Mist Hygiene innovation

    Transforms fragrances containing natural essential oils into a gentle soothing mist, and delivers a delightful fragrance experience like never before.

  2. Finish Quantum Ultimate Hygiene innovation

    We created this product to deliver our ultimate clean & shine through a novel 3 chamber technology. Quantum Ultimate scrubs, degreases & shines dishes with no compromise.

  3. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Hygiene innovation

    Kills 99.9% of bacteria like those that can cause skin infections or create odour in your laundry. And with its 0% bleach formula it’s safe to use on all loads, both whites and colours.


Plastic, packaging
and waste

Plastic has proved itself one of the most versatile materials ever invented thanks to its light weight, flexibility, durability, resistance to moisture, and relative low-cost.

But one of the unintended consequences of its widespread use is that it causes enormous environmental damage. It takes a long time for plastics to break down – or biodegrade – which is contributing to a mounting issue that has become a systemic, global problem.

As a company, we try to reduce our packaging as much as possible, eliminating waste wherever we can through innovation.

To find out more about what RB is doing about this click here

Hygiene innovation


Outside innovation

Partnering to deliver Hygiene solutions that change lives.

Whether it’s to protect against germs and pests, provide a pleasant ambiance, or remove dirt, we create everyday solutions to help people enjoy a cleaner world.

We want to collaborate with partners who bring new powerful capabilities to the table, so we can deliver disruptive ideas to the market. Working together, we can create win-win partnerships, fast-track new ideas, and make a significant difference in people’s lives. Our global network includes open innovation partners, strategic suppliers and entrepreneurs.

We continue to expand our network, including tapping into the start-up ecosystem. If you’re an entrepreneur or a business and want to partner to discover hygiene home solutions for today, tomorrow and the future, we’d love to hear from you!

Hygiene innovation


Our key verticals


Partners to Innovate Programme

We recognise that to deliver disruptive innovations, partnerships are critical.

The Partners to Innovate Programme has step-changed the way we engage with strategic suppliers.

This programme aims to ensure focus and speed across our key projects. We do this through a clearly defined governance structure that engages senior management from both companies to ensure we develop truly valuable initiatives for us, our partners and most importantly, our consumers.

Hygiene innovation


Our global centres
of innovation

RB is located in 60+ countries around the world and has major R&D facilities in the UK, Germany, Italy, India, China, Thailand and the USA. Our global centres of excellence resourced by specialists drive RB’s innovation leadership.

Cutting edge facilities with the right environment to stimulate creativity and collaboration play a key role in innovation. In 2015, we opened the Finish Global R&D Centre of Excellence in Heidelberg (in Germany’s technical and chemical heartland).

Our laboratories feature cutting-edge technology and we are leaders in understanding detergent and dishwasher effectiveness. This includes kitchen-based evaluation facilities, placing consumer relevance at the heart of our innovation process.

Not only this. The building is part of Europe’s biggest urban construction project based entirely on sustainable passive housing standards.

Hygiene innovation

Hull, UK

Fragrence, Skin science, Tableting, Analytical methods, Formulation, Health, Clinical and Medical science.

Dongguan, CN
Hygiene innovation

Device development.

Salt Lake City, US
Hygiene innovation

Nutrition, immunities and Deficiencies.

Montvale, US
Hygiene innovation

Biocides, Microbiology, Surfactants.

Hull, GB
Hygiene innovation

Fragrance, Skin science, Tableting, Analytical methods, Formulation, Health, Clinical and Medical science.

Heidelberg, DE
Hygiene innovation

Enzymes, Bleach systems, Polymers, PVOH, Analytical, Dish.

Mira, IT
Hygiene innovation

Enzymes, Bleach systems, Polymers, Analytical chemistry, Formulation skills in different formats (liquid / gel / tabs / pods), Demo.

Gurgaon, IN
Hygiene innovation


Bang Pakong, TH
Hygiene innovation

Latex, Lubricants.

Evansville, US
Hygiene innovation

Pediatric Nutrition.


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