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Raman Brar

Senior HR Business Partner


Raman Brar is a Senior HR Business Partner in the UK. Below she talks about how Reckitt’s employee value proposition, Freedom to Succeed, enables her to aim high, experience more and positively impact the world. We hear her story of flexible and hybrid working – which many of us have been adjusting to worldwide. As a business, we’re calling this the Future of Work and, as Raman explains, it’s opening up many opportunities.

I’ve had the freedom to find an approach that works for me. The support I’ve had in achieving the right balance at home and at work has helped me to thrive. I realised that I could adapt, and Freedom to Succeed has empowered me to do just that.

I’ve been able to change my hours but still perform at a high level. This gives me huge peace of mind. Knowing I have time to spend with the kids when they get home from school is a small win but a game-changer. Now, when the kids pile in at four o’clock, full of energy and stories about their day, I can give them all the attention they need and not worry about work being neglected, because I can come back to it later. The support and flexibility shown at all levels has really helped me to work in new and better ways.

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The freedom to find an approach that works for me, my life and my family, and that still enables me to perform at a high level, and the support I’ve had in finding that balance – that’s exactly what has helped me to succeed

It’s even given me the opportunity to explore new things. I’m a busy working mum, so keeping fit and exercise have taken a back seat for a few years – something lots of us experience. But part of this process, finding this new balance of work and family life, is finding time for yourself as well. Remember that you matter too! So I’ve used the flexibility to take up walking, and even if I only fit in a mile or two every day, it’s such good exercise. I’m discovering beautiful countryside on my doorstep I never knew existed, and it’s the perfect way to recharge your batteries. I’m fitter, more relaxed, and more focused.

Raman At Work
Raman works from a home office

For me, hybrid working is fundamentally people-centred. People are at the heart of everything we do. I see this so clearly, and I see the positive impact that our initiatives have on people – and on our whole business. I work even more collaboratively and ultimately more efficiently with my colleagues and stakeholders.

My role also gives me an insight into the whole employee lifecycle. I see the pride people take in doing things that really contribute to making this world a better place. Everyone is supported to find their own best approach. And that means more success for all of us.

These new ways of working are a positive step. I really can’t see myself going back to my old routine, as this works so well. I’m excited that our new hybrid model, Future of Work, will build on these experiences and integrate that flexibility into how we do things from now on.

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