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Celebrating the work that makes our products safe and sustainable

Safe and Sustainable Products Week at RB

Last week, teams across the world shared, celebrated and learnt more about the work taking place to make sure RB products are safe and sustainable. From taking a look ‘under the microscope’ at what goes into RB’s products, to finding out about sustainability initiatives taking place at RB’s manufacturing sites, teams have demonstrated how safe and sustainable practices are at the heart of everything at RB.

Safe and sustainable products at the heart of RB

There’s been an increase in interest and concern to understand what’s in the products consumers use at home, especially around ingredient transparency and sustainability. Consumers want to know more about what makes their products safe for the planet and safe for them to use.

RB colleagues are just as passionate and are driven by doing the right thing. Always. That’s why product development at RB prioritises safety and sustainability – considering safe and sustainable practices at every stage of a product’s journey to consumers’ homes.

How are sustainable products developed?

RB is using quantitative metrics to measure sustainable innovation. This is done through a Sustainable Innovation Calculator, which measures a variety of sustainable factors – from levels of plastic packaging and a product’s carbon footprint to water impact. This process is managed by a dedicated team who monitor the sustainability of all of RB’s products, advising the wider team on areas for improvement.

What does a safe and sustainable future at RB look like?

“There is careful consideration to everything that goes into our products. As a company we want to bring meaningful consumer education and transparency to what is in our products and why.

“Science isn’t static, we’re continually learning about ingredients and how to make better choices for our consumer by offering products that will delight them.”

Heather Barker, Global Head of Regulatory Hygiene


“There has never been as much attention on plastics and packaging as there is now. And our consumers are demanding less packaging and better materials. So what are we doing about it? Our first priority is to reduce the amount packaging around our products – be it plastic, paper and board, or the other materials we use. The next is to make the packaging recyclable and include better materials like recycled content as much as we can.”

Sonia Thimmiah Head of Sustainable Brands and Customer Partnerships

“I’m proud that we have already committed to combating climate change by accelerating our work to deliver on the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030, and with a bold ambition for carbon neutrality by 2040. At the same time, our work on plastics and packaging and more sustainable products is gathering momentum. This sets strong foundations for the future and builds great opportunities to work with our customers and engage consumers.”

David Croft, Global Sustainability Director

What drives RB to continue developing safe and sustainable products?

RB is committed to producing brands and products that protect people and the environment. Safe and Sustainable Products Week has been a brilliant opportunity for colleagues to see safe and sustainable work in action, understanding how RB’s global teams all work together to make a difference.

More information is available via RB’s sustainability strategy here.