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Ahead of COP26, our purpose-led innovations going #OneStepGreener

Over the last 200 years, our innovators have transformed our company and revolutionised our industry for the better. But this is just the start. As we embark on our journey of rejuvenating sustainable growth, we’re more inspired than ever to think bigger, act bolder and innovate further than ever before. 

As the world gets behind the UN’s Global Goals Week campaign, we caught up with Agi Sipos, Purpose-led Brand Building Director who believes that now is the time to act.  

Tell us a little more about you...  

I joined Reckitt almost 12 years ago and am currently based in the UAE. I feel extremely lucky to have been part of pioneering, disruptive and fun projects and have always been supported by incredible teams and great mentors – allowing for continuous growth and development, not just as a marketeer but as an individual too.  

Outside work, I’m a passionate traveller and a yogi, which keeps me fit and balanced. I love being in nature and experimenting with different cuisines.    

What does ‘purpose’ mean to you?  

Purpose means living a conscious life during which everything I do is aimed to make the world a better place or do no harm – be it as simple as not using plastic or volunteering in my free time.  

I believe in the power of small everyday acts that make a difference. Bringing this idea to life via our brands is truly the most incredible opportunity we’ve ever had.  

Define our involvement with the SDGs at Reckitt... 

The UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals \ Global Goals) is a list of 17 interlinked goals. These goals have been designed to provide a better and more sustainable future for all – with the aim to solve the world’s most pressing issues by collective effort. As a company with global reach and influence, it’s our duty to help reach these goals – together with our partners, of course.  

What’s the role of our brands and innovations in solving the SDGs? 

Thanks to our world class talent and excellent capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to design products and solutions that can create habits leading to positive change.  

Can you tell us more about your area of work? How do you approach innovation in the purpose team? 

Our ultimate objective is to transform our brands for impact and growth via supporting them on the journey to become purpose-led and inclusive.  

We help teams define the role of our brands in addressing the SDGs. Innovations are crucial in sustaining a habit change as consumers seek delightful experiences via our brands. Further to that: as we elevate our brands, we automatically expand the brand strategies by identifying new opportunities for impact and growth. So innovations are at the core focus of our work and purpose gives us the opportunity to innovate bigger and better than ever before! 


Why is this a unique moment to acknowledge our role and what is the World’s To Do List Campaign?  

Global Goals Week (20 – 26 Sept) is a joint effort brought to life by a group of companies across industries to spread the word on the importance of these crucial actions in a very playful yet profound way. The World’s To Do List is brought to life in the form of disruptive sticky notes placed in various physical and virtual places. We’re one of the participants amplifying the messages through our corporate and branded channels. 

This week allows for a unique moment of pause and recognition on how large and important the World’s To Do List is and how we are all in this together.