By driving the principles of ethical marketing and putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do, we all deliver the Reckitt purpose.

Being consumer centric

At Reckitt, we see our important role as custodians of healthier lives and happier homes. Our products are the everyday reminder that we are what we make and sell. Being consumer centric
Every day, we work relentlessly to give innovative health, hygiene & home care product solutions based on the firm belief that consumers are and should be “at the heart” of our brands and our business.

This consumer centricity means we help people in all walks of life take control of their wellbeing and provide them with products and services that meet life’s daily challenges. We promote a healthy lifestyle and happy homes because we believe everyone deserves the right to be healthy and happy.

Marketing and brand centric activity is the core of much of our interaction with consumers; Not only is it the primary platform to communicate brand benefits to consumers, it is also the key vehicle to demonstrate our values & purpose. Our principles reflect the belief that you can only build a responsible business if Consumers can trust your actions as a responsible company.

Becoming a champion of consumer rights

We believe that Consumers have an ongoing right to quality products – products which reflect the highest level of safety and superior performance or solutions.

In the area of health care, we champion responsible self-care and educate consumers on how they can be empowered to improve their health and wellbeing. We know that many routine ailments & health related needs can be safely addressed through awareness and that self-care keeps people functioning thereby providing an invaluable service to individuals, families & public health facilities.

Hygiene is the cornerstone of health and we will actively promote its benefits to consumers around the world while also extolling the virtues of happy homes free of drudgery.

We have a responsibility to mine unique consumer insights that help deliver our purpose and use them responsibly for activities that will reflect in positive outcomes for our consumers, society and for our company.

We believe passionately in representing the diversity of all our consumers in our advertising & promotion AND avoiding objectionable stereotypical portrayals. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws governing marketing communication to children and related data collection. We will not directly advertise to children under the age of 12 although we will participate in health & wellness education programs in primary schools provided they are specifically requested by, or agreed with, the school administration. Children featured in our advertisements will be fairly represented and fully protected.

Unquestionable product quality, compliance & safety

We provide products or ingredients that are safe and have a beneficial effect for consumers adequately supported by credible scientific evidence that supports their safety & efficacy. As science & diagnostic standards improve, we regularly reassess the safety & efficacy of our products and do what is needed to ensure that we are truly championing consumers. All Reckitt products are made to the highest quality & GMP standards. 

We ensure that all products are compliant will legal guidelines and where we have a higher standard, we will go beyond strict legal requirements.We are committed to ensuring that not only Reckitt but also our suppliers subscribe to sustainable sourcing policies for all ingredients & components for our products.

We will promote safe use of our products in the home by promoting initiatives such as the use of safety caps, taking steps to keep cleaning (potentially harmful) products from children and other steps to safeguard consumers and reinforce safe use of all our products.

Intrinsic in health but also in our home portfolio, safety takes priority. In our marketing and communications we will ensure that we are doing all we can to ensure consumers have all the information to promote safe, responsible use and self-care.

The principals of ethical marketing:

Honesty and transparency are fundamental operating principles at Reckitt. We will ensure that all promotions and advertising is fair and honest and does not mislead consumers or is likely to do so by omitting material information OR presenting it in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner.

All objective claims used in our communication and in our packaging & promotional materials must be backed by credible and documented evidence capable of withstanding scientific scrutiny. Where required, warranted disclaimers and qualifiers should be displayed at all touch points to ensure that the potential for miscommunication is minimised.

As a principle we believe we should ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that the potential for misleading consumers is eliminated in our communication & marketing activities.

We believe that Consumers count on our brands to be fairly and transparently priced. Reckitt will set the same recommended retail price for products with an identical formulation, format & pack count or size. We will work with retailers to make sure that this approach is reflected in the final consumer price always adhering to the spirit of globally accepted competition law.

Consumers can count on us to deliver full transparency and associated information about ingredients, formats & packaging to ensure the safe and effective use of all our products & services.

We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of those who entrust us with personal data. We will protect personal data in accordance with legal requirements and will never provide access or share this data with third parties without the relevant consent. Any complaint regarding privacy will be thoroughly investigated and addressed with the utmost urgency.

We are committed to ensuring that not only Reckitt but also our suppliers subscribe to sustainable sourcing policies for all ingredients & components for our products.

We realise we have a duty of care to ensure our supply chain protects the rights of those who not only work in our factories, but also beyond to include those who work outside factory fences. We recognised the importance of protecting workers and ensuring our supply chain protects all vulnerable people. We have a zero tolerance for child labour and have signed up to the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights and slavery and work actively to encourage adherence across all our suppliers and operations.

We listen to and respect the input of all stakeholders about how we can improve our performance especially with regard to safety and consumer rights. We track all consumer inquiries through our consumer care lines and any time there is a safety concern it is immediately escalated and investigated. Safety concerns have immediate priority and we ensure senior management involvement in all relevant investigations. We are committed to leading in this arena and will seek partnerships with our customers, suppliers and retailers to raise awareness on these important issues.

Every day, we work relentlessly to mine consumer insights and continuously develop new & better health, hygiene & home care products based on the belief that consumer’s needs are not static and that our product solutions should continuously improve in order to fulfil evolving consumer needs & requirements.
We also believe that consumers deserve to be informed about & made aware of product solutions that better meet their innate desire for healthier lives and happier homes.


Training on our ethical marketing principles is available globally and assigned to marketing, sales, R&D and Safety, Quality, Legal and Compliance teams. To date, over 6,000 people have completed the training.