Global Quality Compliance Manager, Hygiene Connect

David originally joined Reckitt as a R&D professional largely focused on consumer hygiene products before he moved to our Quality Compliance team in 2015. Since then, he’s combined his knowledge in both areas to help facilitate quality protocols across our Hygiene portfolio.

Each day I listen to customers, who often include my fellow colleagues at Reckitt, to determine how to ensure the safety and efficacy of products while also establishing the most efficient route to market for Reckitt products. 

Freedom to Succeed has given me the opportunity to thrive in a work environment that encourages sharing advice and knowledge with others. I believe having a collaborative workspace is what builds the next generation of leaders who embody the “Freedom to Succeed” spirit.

Personally, I value how Reckitt supports employees who want to broaden their experience across other functions, matching the available talent with the available role. 

When I started paying close attention to ingredient lists in high school, I had no idea how important understanding the components of everyday products would play in my career. Coming from a chemical engineering background, I initially put this knowledge to use working in the Research & Development group, after being introduced to Reckitt at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) career fair nearly two decades ago. 

“In R&D, I had dreams of new products; now, in Quality, I dream of making an impact on people—especially internally. I would love for everyone at Reckitt to have an idea of what they want to achieve and have the connections to support their success.”

Reckitt is a large organization with many teams that are interrelated, and with such an open partnership between functions, you can learn a lot about the roles and responsibilities of other teams.

Working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic made me even more appreciative of our company’s strong leadership for keeping everyone well-informed of global developments and communicating how the work we’re doing is making a positive impact on helping to curb the spread of illness.

Planning Manager, Finish