Planning Manager, Finish Connect

Originally from Mexico, Paty joined Reckitt as part of a supply management trainee program in which just two out of 2000 applicants were selected. After more than 11 years in various roles and countries at Reckitt, Paty thrives on adapting quickly and finding solutions to complicated business challenges.

I’ve grown to appreciate Reckitt’s fast-paced culture and have embraced the opportunity to help our customers get the household products they love.

Freedom to Succeed has taught me that if you stay curious, strive for excellence, embrace change, and treat people with respect, then you can become anything you want.

Personally, I have seen this manifest at Reckitt through accelerated growth in my career, which has included both challenges and achievements along the way. 

When I accepted the offer to join the new factory leadership team in Tijuana, Mexico nearly a decade ago as a Materials Manager, I had no idea those challenges would set me up for a successful career in the supply services team in the US.

“At Reckitt you own your business, you make decisions daily and you create and tell your story. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of an amazing team that works as an engine to deliver product on time and in full.”

At Reckitt, curiosity and self-motivation have allowed me to quickly identify problems, understand the opportunities, and execute the most efficient solution. 

Reckitt has positively impacted my personal life too, as two of my co-workers have become my closest friends.

Global Quality Compliance Manager, Hygiene
Global Category Director, Dettol and Veet