Seeking new opportunities

Our journey to rejuvenate sustainable growth is well on track. In February 2020, we set out our strategy and outlined our medium-term financial targets. Our objective is to rebuild like-for-like revenue growth to the mid-single-digit range, and to deliver adjusted operating margins in the mid-20s by the mid-2020s.

Addressing four of the world’s largest problems

Our strategy recognises that Reckitt plays a significant role in solving four of the world’s largest problems.

How can hygiene be the foundation for health? How do we enable consumers to self-care at a time when health systems are under massive pressure? How do we support intimate wellness and eradicate the menace of sexually transmitted diseases? How do we provide enhanced nutrition for infants and for the increasing number of seniors in society? And as we do this, we capitalise on the broad and rising impact of digital and sustainability.

The four largest problems

Hygiene as a foundation of health

Growing consumer awareness of the importance of hygiene and its connection to health

Enabling self-care

Government healthcare cost pressures and increased autonomy are elevating the importance of self-care solutions

Supporting intimate wellness

Maintaining sexual health and protecting young people in a challenging era

Providing enhanced nutrition

Supporting the growing demand for specialised infant and adult nutrition products

Capitalising on


Transforming consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions, affecting what people buy and how they buy it


Not only about doing the right thing, it is increasingly a commercial imperative


Key highlights


3.5 % LFL net revenue growth1
22.9 % adjusted operating margin excl. IFCN China1
2020: 24.5%
288.5 p adjusted total EPS (diluted)1
2020: 327.0p
174.6 p full-year dividends
2020: 174.6p
- 5.4 % IFRS net revenue growth
2021: £13,234m (2020: £13,993m)
- 6.1 % IFRS operating margin
2020: 15.4%
- 4.5 p IFRS total EPS (diluted)
2020: 166.3p


62 % Category Market Units (CMUs) holding or gaining market share1
c. 50 % increase in innovation pipeline value2
20 ppts 2021 improvement in % of markets where Reckitt is rated top-tier by retailers3


29.3 % revenue from more sustainable products excluding IFCN1,4
24.9 % revenue from more sustainable products1,4
66 % absolute reduction in carbon emissions from operations since 2015
£ 38.2 m invested in Fight for Access Fund in 2021
  1. Adjusted and other non-GAAP measures, definitions and terms are defined on page 81 of our Annual Report and Accounts
  2. Pipeline value represents the increased revenue opportunity in 2022 compared to 2021
  3. Based on the Advantage Group 2021 survey of retailers. 20ppts increase in markets rated top-tier, from 26% in 2020 to 46% in 2021
  4. Calculated for 12 months ending 30 September 2021

Progress against our strategy

Strategic imperatives

Throughout 2021, we have made good progress against our six strategic imperatives. These are our areas of focus which support us in returning the business to sustainable growth.


Grow brands and innovate. Investing firmly behind our brands to drive equity and improve the product offering for consumers.


Drive superior execution. Investing in capability centres for commercial excellence – sales outperformance, marketing excellence, eRB and medical sales.


Invest in capabilities. Investments in centralised areas such as supply chain, R&D and digital to strengthen the core of our business, supporting the three GBUs.


Increase productivity. Embedding programmes to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the company and to fund investment.


Embed sustainability. Incorporating sustainability throughout our value chain and across our business.


Actively manage the portfolio. Moving the company to higher growth and addressing structural challenges.

Divisions overview

Global Business Unit overview


Hygiene is the foundation of health, and its relevance has never been greater. As such, the Business plays a key role in Reckitt’s overall Purpose, to protect, heal and nurture.

Hygiene Net Revenue

£ 0 m


7.5 %


5.1 %

Adjusted Operating Profit

£1,401 m

Adjusted Operating Profit Margin

23.7 %


Our Health brands are very strong. All major brands occupy leading positions in the categories and the markets in which they play and many have strengthened throughout COVID-19, as consumers chose the most trusted and efficacious solutions.

Health Net Revenue

£ 0 m


-0.1 %


-2.1 %

Adjusted Operating Profit

£1,187 m

Adjusted Operating Profit Margin

25.5 %


Our Nutrition business seeks to protect heal and nurture through providing the highest quality nutrition to those at all stages of life – from infancy to old age.

Nutrition Net Revenue

£ 0 m


0.6 %


-4.9 %

Adjusted Operating Profit

£289 m

Adjusted Operating Profit Margin

10.8 %
1 /

Time to turn words into actions

The COP26 summit in Glasgow was a pivotal moment in our collective fight against climate change. Reckitt came on board as the event’s official hygiene partner. Through our Dettol brand, we were entrusted with keeping 30,000+ delegates from over 190 countries safe from COVID-19.

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A key enabler for sustainable growth

As a business, we work to solve some of the world’s largest problems. Through research and development, science and partnership, we make products that people have trusted for generations. We earn the continuing loyalty and trust of our consumers with differentiated products that offer superior solutions to meet their evolving needs.

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Strategic transformation in the digital arena

The pandemic has driven a step-change in consumer behaviour, altering what people buy and how they buy it. Our employees’ ways of working are changing, and supply chains are less predictable. This, combined with ongoing developments in technology and marketing techniques, drives the need for enhanced end-to-end digital capabilities, and means the digital transformation of Reckitt is one of our most important opportunities.

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Managing global supply

In our highly connected society, change can be rapid, radical and unpredictable. The global pandemic exposed the vulnerability of supply chains built on just-in-time, diversified and globalised models. We found out that, not just factories, but entire regions could halt production at a moment’s notice, with profound consequences for businesses on the other side of the world.

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Moving Forward

Our cultural transformation in support of Reckitt’s strategic goals is progressing well. Our focus on and investments in inclusion, wellbeing and our people are inspiring and equipping them to fight for a cleaner, healthier world.

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