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RB partners with Halo, an innovation networking platform for R&D, to request R&D proposals from scientists around the world.  

RB announced today that it is partnering with innovation platform Halo to connect and collaborate with scientists from all around the globe to solve our most pressing technical challenges.  

Halo boasts a network of thousands of PhDs across 65 countries and six continents. It’s a marketplace and network that moves science forward by connecting scientists directly with companies for research collaborations and funding opportunities. Halo is like LinkedIn or Glassdoor, but instead of job openings, companies post areas of interest for research collaborations and scientists submit simple, standardised proposals. 

RB will be working alongside scientists, startups and innovatorsoffering its wealth of in-house expertise and funding opportunities to researchers, who will be submitting promising proposals for addressing the following challenges: 

  1. Is there an alternative active ingredient that can kill germs in high-dilution scenarios? 
  2. Is there a highly concentrated and compacted detergent formula that can be safely diluted by the consumer at home?
  3. Is there a photocatalytic process and/or material that can kill bacteria using light sources commonly present in homes?

The chosen scientists will receive hands-on coaching and support from RB’s packaging, design, supply chain, regulatory and manufacturing experts, and access to a global distribution networking spanning six continents. RB will be funding up to $150,000 for six-month proof-of-concept projects with the potential for substantial follow-on investment. 

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“We started this partnership to get connected with the community of innovators within Halo. These innovators will collaborate with RB to solve problems that will result in more sustainable products for consumers all over the world. It’s a fantastic opportunity and we can’t wait to see the results.”

Willem Rensink R&D and Business Development Leader at RB
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"RB has long recognised the importance of looking outside for breakthrough innovation,"

Kevin Leland CEO and Founder of Halo

"It’s a privilege to be powering RB’s latest outreach to the scientific community so it can identify new technologies, accelerate their path to market and introduce new products to the world that can have a real impact on our health and hygiene,” said Kevin Leland, CEO and Founder of Halo.  

Collaborating with external scientists, startups, and universities on the most pressing innovation challenges will enable RB to develop solutions quicker and more cost efficiently.  

Through this partnership, RB will collaborate with the greatest minds in the most relevant fields to truly solve today’s challenges – and stay a step ahead of tomorrow’s.

Check out the Innovation page and submit your idea here.