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Responsible consumer data principles

We take our responsibility for consumers’ data seriously. Our Responsible Consumer Data Principles set out our ethical standards for how we want to go above and beyond laws and regulations requirements.

Responsible consumer data principles

1. Transparency

When consumers engage with us, their data is often shared. We strive to make it easy for consumers to understand why this happens, how data is used, by whom and what privacy management options are.

We rigorously review and update our consent and privacy notices. Reckitt’s current privacy policy can be found here.

Our ambition: We want our consumer data notices to hold the same level of clarity as our marketing communications and activities. We are therefore committed to testing these notices for consumer understanding throughout 2023 and further refining them based on these insights.

2. Control

We champion consumers having greater choice when it comes to how their data is collected and used. We are committed to giving consumers greater control over the data they share with us, and how it is used.

Our ambition: We will continuously evolve your consumer data experience with Reckitt through the depth of control over how you consent to, manage, or delete your data. Our goal is to improve the level of control we give to our consumers when it comes to their data.

We are committed to reviewing new tech advances to ensure our data practices are compatible with these Principles.

3. Reasonableness

We commit to only ask for or collect as much data about our consumers as is helpful to assess and improve brand experience, consumer services or consumer support. This may be to personalise communications or improve our products.

Our ambition: Unless you ask us to delete it, we will only use and store data for as long as it continues to provide a beneficial consumer experience, or if the law requires us to hold it. When we no longer need it, we will delete it.

4. Fairness

We strive for bias-free data practices and standards to ensure we collect, store and use data inclusively. We commit to using data for positive impact. This means we, or technologies managed by us and our partners, do not use consumer data in a way that inadvertently discriminates against you or others.

Our ambition: We will work to continuously raise our standards and collaborate with the industry to share best practices as we learn.

To feedback on your consumer experience, please send an email to responsibleconsumerdata@reckitt.com, and we will review your case.