Enabling a fairer society for all

A spirit of social purpose is the DNA that runs through Reckitt. Doing the right thing for the world is our compass and the right thing for our business. 

Our ambition for 2030 is to enable a fairer society, as an employer and throughout our value chain. For the people we work with around the world, that’s a fairer more diverse and inclusive society. For us, an inclusive culture where our people are treated equally.

Creating freedom to succeed

  • Enable a fairer society, as an employer and throughout the value chain
  • As an inclusive culture where everybody is treated fairly and equally 
  • Our teams represent the diverse geographies we operate in and the people we serve
  • 50/50 gender balanced management at all levels by 2030

Positive, lasting impact

  • Providing adequate access to water, hygiene and sanitation, for safety and freedom from disease
  • Supporting mothers and infants so that they get the best start in life
  • Empowering young women to take control of their bodies, their health and their lives
  • A lasting, positive impact in communities through our Fight for Access Fund and programmes.

Fairness across our value chain

  • Sustainable livelihoods and working conditions
  • Strengthen human rights throughout our value chain
  • Sustainable livelihoods and working conditions
  • Our teams and communities throughout our value chain have livelihoods that enable their health and wellness
  • Embed Human Rights through Impact Assessments and action plans in our key value chains by 2030
Diverse group of people put their hands together

Our people

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Case Studies

We’ve launched an ambitious programme to promote the benefits of conscious inclusion, which we define as being aware of unconscious bias and consciously choosing to include others.

We started with our leaders, highlighting to them the importance of leading inclusively, and their role in creating a more inclusive culture. Almost 90% of our senior leaders have attended these sessions, which included tips and tools for more conscious behaviour. We’ve now extended the programme across the company, using online learning and team discussions, to encourage all our people to recognise their responsibility for creating an ‘everyone’ culture.

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In Latin America, our journey towards diversity and inclusion gathered pace in 2021. Around 250 of our leaders and teams joined in discussions and workshops about bias and micro-messaging, and we hosted more than 10 Stronger Together talks.

In Mexico, we were recognised as the best workplace for LGBTQ+ employees. Our Employee Resource Groups were drivers of change. Also in Mexico, Women@Reckitt held talks on maternity, empowerment and masculinity, while in Brazil it partnered with Mulher 360, a leading women’s group promoting economic empowerment. Our Race & Ethnicity group raised awareness of the vast inequalities still suffered by afro-Brazilians, while the LGBTQ+ group promoted Pride Month, with activities including a drag show in Brazil.

We’re also proud of how we advanced inclusion through our launch of the graduate programme in Brazil and Mexico. More than 17,000 professionals took part, with 15 graduates hired. Of these, 60% were black, around half women, and a quarter LGBTQ+. Most came from outside the consumer goods industry. These graduates will be the future pipeline of talent for Reckitt in Latin America, and they should provide more diversity to our leadership.

Throughout the pandemic, we have regularly responded to scientific developments and the understanding of COVID-19. In 2021 we updated our COVID-19 working guidance, ‘Navigating our New Normal’. Using this alongside local and national laws and guidance, we made sure we operated all our facilities as safely as possible while maintaining our business performance.

We followed five guiding principles – putting our people first, locally-led decisions to reopen, a phased and gradual return to the workplace, mutual accountability through involving our employees in the decision to return, and protecting our frontline. Our 2021 guide can be found here.

We have launched a new partnership between Fair Rubber and Durex. This is a first for the world’s leading condom brand, and a first for Reckitt’s global brands.
The partnership will make a real difference to the farmers and smallholders who grow rubber trees that provide our latex. 

Through the partnership, we will pay a fair trade premium for the rubber we buy. Since the Fair Rubber Association was established nine years ago, recipients of the Fair Trade premium have used it to invest in: their children’s education, housing, and surrounding communities. Reckitt will also work with farmers to improve farming practices to increase yield.

In Thailand we will continue to work with Earthworm Foundation to improve the livelihoods of smallholder latex farmers, helping the supply network to be more resilient for the future. We are prioritising:

  • Increasing farmer and household income from latex and other sources, such as livestock-raising;
  • Adopting regenerative agriculture practices such as agro-forestry, which can improve productivity and enhance ecosystems;
  • Improving living and working conditions, for example through the better use of personal protective equipment;
  • Enabling farmers to invest in their farm community for their long-term livelihoods.