Building trust and integrity through our business

It’s more important than ever to foster a culture of integrity in everything we do – from our business activities to our stakeholder relationships. Our consumers must trust that we are doing the very best for their health when we ask them to buy our products. And we must uphold our high standards and values across the world.

We are guided by our values and our commitment to “Do the right thing. Always.” We act responsibly and with integrity; put consumers and people first; seek out new opportunities; strive for excellence; and build shared success. Our Compliance Programme and Code of Conduct, with its extensive policies and training, helps all our employees mitigate risk and guides us when making complex decisions.

Ethical behaviour

Ethical behaviour

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Every year, all employees and long-term contractors have to take our Compliance Passport training to better understand our Code of Conduct and important corporate policies. In 2021, we expanded the scope of this annual mandatory compliance training to cover Human Rights.

Reckitt’s mandatory training curriculum now ranges from the Code of Conduct, Product Safety and Human Rights, to Privacy and Cyber Security, Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Competition Law.

In 2021, all of our online employee base was assigned the mandatory compliance training and extensive efforts were undertaken, by senior leaders and line managers alike, to drive uptake.

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In 2019, we launched the training about Reckitt’s new policy on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Entities.

This also included eight procedures that establish clear guidelines to support our Health team. It is important that all employees feel supported and have the right knowledge to conduct themselves in a responsible and ethical behaviour.

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During 2021, Reckitt received a total of 606 Speak Up reports which is a 38% increase in the total volume of cases compared to 2020. This increase was combined with an anonymous reporting rate of 40%, the lowest for 3 years.

We investigated and closed most of the cases received during 2021, with some still under investigation. Of the 606 cases reported, 49% were classed as either partially or fully substantiated. Investigations can lead to policy and process change, training and disciplinary sanctions up to and including dismissal.

Reckitt has in place a comprehensive guideline detailing the process and responsibilities to investigate Speak Up cases.

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