How we ensure the safety and quality of our products

As a global manufacturer, we want to make high-quality products that consumers can trust. That means the ingredients must be safe for people who use our products and the environment; and that the information we provide is comprehensive, clear and honest. We are aiming for a 65% reduction in our chemical footprint by 2030.

These focuses are deeply ingrained into our thinking and practice, and we build quality throughout the product life cycle. We are aiming for 100% transparency on ingredients, through both clear product labelling and online information.

Our ambitions


reduction in our chemical footprint by 2030


Compliance with our restricted substances list


Ingredient transparency

Product safety, quality and stewardship

Product stewardship – ingredients and transparency

Read our Insights to see how we approach product stewardship

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Product safety, quality and stewardship

Product quality and safety

Read our Insights to see how we approach product safety and quality

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Case studies

The Swedish Pharmacy Association’s Välvald (‘Well chosen’) label promotes sustainable pharmaceutical manufacture as well as companies and products that are transparent about their sustainability.

In 2021 we joined the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), which works for transparency and sustainability in the pharmaceuticals industry. Being a member is a requirement for Välvald status.

By February 2022, all our over-the-counter products carried the Välvald label in Swedish pharmacies and online.

In 2021 we focused on building excellence in root cause problem solving. If a problem occurs, then how we respond to it and prevent it happening again is essential.

We formed a multidisciplinary team with participants from different functions and countries to interrogate how we ‘Root Cause Problem Solve’ and implement actions that prevent failures from reoccurring.

The team developed a methodology utilising proven industry techniques and created a digital tool for the seamless application and documentation of investigations. It’s accompanied by new interactive training content and guidance, centred around examples and exercises to help engage those being trained and facilitate use of the methodology.

We rolled out the training and the digital tool globally across all functions including manufacturing, safety, supply services, R&D and regulatory among others. There has since been an observable increase in the quality of root cause investigations and positive outcomes as a result.

Ingredient management is a key part of our product stewardship and safeguarding consumers. We take a global approach, controlling the use of known ingredients of potential concern through a Restricted Substances List and promoting the selection of safer, more sustainable alternatives.

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