How we ensure the safety and quality of our products

As a global manufacturer, we want to make high-quality products that consumers can trust. That means the ingredients must be safe for people who use our products and the environment; and that the information we provide is comprehensive, clear and honest. We are aiming for a 65% reduction in our chemical footprint by 2030.

These focuses are deeply ingrained into our thinking and practice, and we build quality throughout the product life cycle. We are aiming for 100% transparency on ingredients, through both clear product labelling and online information.

Our ambitions


reduction in our chemical footprint by 2030


Compliance with our restricted substances list


Ingredient transparency

Product safety, quality and stewardship

Product stewardship – ingredients and transparency

Read our Insights to see how we approach product stewardship

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Product safety, quality and stewardship

Product quality and safety

Read our Insights to see how we approach product safety and quality

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Case studies

For the third year, in 2020 we took part in the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP). Through this, we track our progress on managing chemicals, choosing safer alternatives and using and reducing ingredients of concern.

Our score was 81%, compared to 73.5% in 2019, and this was the second year we’ve quantified our footprint. The improvement was down to being more transparent about our footprint, which we’ve achieved by working with partners on safe and effective alternative ingredients, and with suppliers. We’re also continuing to invest in tools to make the measurement more accurate.

Our team wanted to cut down the number of chemicals in Veet Minima hair removal products, and address odours which some consumers found off-putting. The team also took the chance to remove or replace other ingredients that could become an issue in the future with regulators or consumers. Veet creams now have 35% less chemicals and ingredients, and have lost their ammonia smell, which came from urea used as an ingredient.


Ingredient management is a key part of our product stewardship and safeguarding consumers. We take a global approach, controlling the use of known ingredients of potential concern through a Restricted Substances List and promoting the selection of safer, more sustainable alternatives.

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