For a Cleaner, Healthier World

Every day, Reckitt’s brands are supporting people to lead cleaner, healthier lives through better health, hygiene and nutrition. Together, we are driven by our purpose to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We believe access to the highest quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment is a right for people across the world. This is our fight.

Sustainability is central to our purpose and runs through everything we do.

Our ambitions focus on three areas:

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Purpose-led brands

Every one of our brands is playing its part where it can make the greatest impact in accelerating progress to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Healthier planet

Recognising the increasing connection between people’s health, halting climate change and protecting biodiversity

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Fairer society

Enabling a fair, diverse and inclusive society as a responsible employer and in our value chain

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Performance Data

Learn more about our sustainability performance and activities in our Insights Sheets here.

Working together to address sustainability issues

Case studies

At Reckitt, we strive to create the environment that gives our employees the Freedom to Succeed. Freedom is in our DNA and shows in our bold approach to working and winning together. By introducing the Freedom to Succeed value proposition, we wish to embolden our people to win at both a personal and professional level while finding purpose.

This is a narrative of collaboration and unity, focused on people’s stories and what its really like to work at Reckitt, striving together to create a healthier and happier world.

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When it comes to laundry cleaners, consumers have historically had to choose between efficacy and a desire to be more environmentally friendly. However, we have launched a new range of natural cleaners, Botanical Origin, which perform just as well as conventional products.

Instead of using petrol-based cleaning agents, the brand has found and chosen botanical sourced ones, with Botanical Origin’s unique NatureClean formula comprising up to 95% botanically sourced ingredients, that ensure equivalent performance.

We have launched a new partnership between Fair Rubber and Durex. This is a first for the world’s leading condom brand, and a first for Reckitt’s global brands.
The partnership will make a real difference to the farmers and smallholders who grow rubber trees that provide our latex. 

Through the partnership, we will pay a fair trade premium for the rubber we buy.

Since the Fair Rubber Association was established nine years ago, recipients of the Fair Trade premium have used it to invest in: their children’s education, housing, and surrounding communities. Reckitt will also work with farmers to improve farming practices to increase yield.

We are partnering with WWF over three years to create a movement to fight for nature. WWF and Reckitt’s Hygiene business will together:

  • Preserve and restore 2,100 km of freshwater across two major river basins in the Amazon and Ganges (two of the world’s most important freshwater ecosystems).
  • Innovate for a more sustainable world, including improving understanding of the impact of household products on aquatic environments, and explore how to improve the innovation pipeline
  • Inspire millions to fight for nature through impactful brand partnerships with our consumers and engaging our employees

As part of our partnership, Air Wick is working with WWF to bring its purpose to life and connect people to nature. The Air Wick team is activating this purpose in various markets, including Australia, the UK and US, to raise awareness of the importance of nature and how we can all do more to protect and restore it.

We will support WWF projects to restore wildflower habitats to reverse the decline of biodiversity. For example, in the US, Air Wick is helping to reseed 1 billion sq ft of native grasslands and wildflower habitat in the Northern Great Plains.