Delivering on our strategic ambitions

To ensure we are successful in mitigating our negative impacts on the planet and society, it is essential that we have a robust and achievable plan. Our Sustainability Ambitions, For a Cleaner, Healthier World, address the ways in which we continuously improve our social and environmental performance through initiatives, and deliver our impactful ambitions and targets.

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Sustainability Ambitions

Read our Insight into our strategic approach to sustainability across the business.

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Our sustainability ambitions comprise three key pillars, which address our most material issues.

Outlines how we will use our brands to make a difference in protecting, healing and nurturing people across the world; and how our brands are playing a part in accelerating progress to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Evidences how we meet our responsibilities in relation to our communities and our products. We are known for outperforming in business and we also aim to outperform expectations in social impact.

Sets out how we minimise our emissions, water use and waste, while ensuring we source responsibly and innovate to produce more sustainable products.

Our approach to sustainability

For a Cleaner, Healthier World

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Governance of sustainability

We believe that high standards of corporate governance, combined with a rigorous, open approach to reporting, are central to running our business with integrity and to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.

Our approach to sustainability

Governance, reporting and assurance

Read out Insight into how sustainability is governed at Reckitt, and the principles that lie behind it.

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