For Cow’s Milk Allergy and Colic due to Cow’s Milk Allergy

Helping babies and children with allergies thrive

Nutramigen is the #1 clinically researched and #1 pediatrician-recommended formula brand for cow’s milk allergy.

*Nutramigen study showed ~90% infants had reduced crying within 2 days.

†Within 48 hours when managing colic due to cow’s milk allergy. Studied before the addition of DHA, ARA or LGG. LGG is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S.

ǂShown in a published study compared with Nutramigen without LGG.

No. 1

Pediatrician-recommended formula brand for cow’s milk allergy


Relieves colic within 48 hours*†


Helps return infants to cow’s milk in as fast as 6 months of feedingǂ

No. 1

Clinically studied LGG® Probiotic strain